Police, protesters clash in Rio amid pope visit

Brazilian police disperse hundreds of protesters with tear gas and water cannons in Rio de Janeiro after a meeting there between Pope Francis and Brazil's president. Duration: 01:31 Peoples are using these keywords: visit, pope, amid, clash, … [Read more...]

Nose-first landing injures eight, closes NY airport

Eight people are injured after the front landing gear of a Southwest Airlines plane with 150 people on board collapsed on landing at New York's La Guardia airport. Duration: 00:58 Peoples are using these keywords: airport, Closes, eight, … [Read more...]

Czech woman walks off after falling under subway

A Czech woman beat the odds this week in the Prague underground when she fell under an oncoming train but then crawled out from between carriages unscathed, police said Tuesday. Duration: 00:49 Peoples are using these keywords: subway, under, … [Read more...]

Nigeriens angry at tightened security after attacks

People in Niger have begun to express fears of a "war on terror" in their homeland, after unprecedented suicide attacks in the north and a bloody jailbreak in the capital Niamey staged by armed Islamic extremists. In Niamey, residents demonstrated … [Read more...]

Brazil's favela residents comment on nationwide protests

Many residents of Rio de Janeiro's favelas, or shantytowns, say Brazil needs more hospitals and schools, a rallying cry of the country's new protest movement. Millions of Brazilians have poured into the streets in recent weeks to call for … [Read more...]

Security tightened in Xinjiang after fresh violence

Security is tightened after a fresh bout of violence in the ethnically divided region of Xinjiang following two riots that killed over 35 people ahead of the anniversary of the 2009 clashes. Duration: 00:30 Peoples are using these keywords: … [Read more...]

Taiwan gang leader nabbed after 17 years

A Taiwanese gang leader and political fanatic who fled to China 17 years ago is arrested upon his arrival at an airport in Taipei. Duration: 00:37 Peoples are using these keywords: years, after, Nabbed, leader, Gang, taiwan … [Read more...]

After 35 die, China Uighur downplays Xinjiang attack

After 35 people die in what Chinas government called a terrorist attack, a member of Chinas Uighur minority living near riot-hit Lukqun in Xinjiang plays down the clashes. Duration:00:29. Peoples are using these keywords: attack, Xinjiang, … [Read more...]

Protesters stage 'NObama' demonstration in Pretoria

"NObama" demonstrations are held in South Africa by a coalition of leftist, pro-Palestinian and anti-drone groups, as the country prepares to host US President Barack Obama. The group was protesting against what it described as the oppressive foreign … [Read more...]

Joy in New York as US top court gives gay marriage boost

New Yorkers celebrate in the streets as the US Supreme Court passes two landmark rulings on same-sex marriage. Duration: 01:48 Peoples are using these keywords: boost, marriage, Gives, court, york … [Read more...]